AngularJS Routing

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AngularJS supports  Single Page Application(SPA).It is a Web App loads the page only once and updates its views dynamically based upon the requested template URL.This can be achieved using AngularJS ng-route module. The routing module acts based on the requested Url.Whenever routing engine detects the requested Url, it will load the corresponding HTML view.Here, AngularJS […]

AngularJS Services

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AngularJS provides a rich set of built-in services.These are basically singleton objects in Angular JS used to share the common logic across the application.AngularJS built-in services are all prefixed with ‘$’ sign.   AngularJS Services are: Lazy Instantiated – Service gets instantiated only when the application component depends on it. Singleton – Service is instantiated when […]

AngularJS Events

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AngularJS allows performing actions on HTML view elements i.e, attaching behaviors.We can categorize them into four categories as below: Click events Mouse events Keyboard events Change events   Click events Adds custom behavior to the elements in view when the user performs click action on any element. ng-click Used to add custom behavior to the […]

AngularJS Filters

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Filters are used to format input data.These are most commonly used on arrays and tables with the ng-repeat directive. Pipe (|) character is used with filters.Chained filters are also possible to apply where filters are separated by pipe(|) character.We can pass additional arguments with the filters to format the result. Angular JS has some inbuilt […]

AngularJS Controllers

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Controllers are an intermediate channel between View and Model.It is preferred to have multiple controllers to control different views of a page to make debugging and maintainability easy.To use any controller for a view first, that should be defined and registered with the application module. Controllers are created using Javascript’s Constructor Function. Therefore whenever Controller is attached […]

AngularJS Directives

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Angular JS directives are responsible for extending the functionality of HTML elements.Used to bind the view elements with the model.Usually, these are used in HTML code only as an element or attribute or class name or comment. Element Vs Attribute When the directive is used as an element we are creating a new HTML element […]

AngularJS Features

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The most important feature of Angular JS framework is to develop client side SPA(Single Page Application). The concept of SPA is whenever user navigating to a new page in single page application Angular JS prevents the entire page getting loaded instead, it loads only the related template thus updating the same page with a different […]

AngularJS : Get Started

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GETTING STARTED WITH ANGULAR JS   Angular JS is a JavaScript framework developed and maintained by Google. Used for building MVC (Model View Controller) based applications. Angular JS adds the extended functionality to the HTML tags with its rich set of directives. Before proceeding further let’s have the basic understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript […]